String Builder - Step #1

Ordering Bow Strings

Ordering strings is easy in three steps. Step #1 tell us what you want. Step #2 tell us who you are. Step #3 confirm the order. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Select whether you need a full set or an individual item
  • Select the series you want to use
  • Select your colors for the bow string
  • Select your end loop colors
  • Select your center serving color
  • Tell us the length of your bow strings and cables (if you know)
  • Tell us the model, make and year (if you have it) of your bow
  • Supply any special instructions

Fields marked with an must be filled in.

The next screen will ask for shipping address, etc.

If you have any issues or questions with the string builder use our Contact Us form to ask them.

String Builder - Step #1

#1 - What type of order is this:
#2 - Select Your Series

Click this link to read about the different string materials.

#3 - Select Your Colors

You are limited to two colors. Colors availble will be shown when you select a material type.

#4 - Select Your End Serving Colors
#5 - Select Your Center Serving Colors
Select Your D-Loop Colors
Select Your Shrink Wrap Colors
#6 - Tells Us About Your Bow and String Lengths

Bow Strings:

Control Cable:

Buss Cable:

#7 - Options
#8 - Let Us Know If There Is Anything Special You Want